Happiness is a habit.

Adrian and Ashlee along the riverside in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Adrian and Ashlee along the riverside in Hoi An, Vietnam.

American Buddha Co. is a team effort between Adrian Brady-Cesana and Ashlee Newcomb. Adrian, a native upstate New Yorker and Ashlee, a native to the DC Metro area, currently live in New York City (where they met) and are avid domestic and international travelers.

The term “American Buddha” started out as an inside joke between Adrian and the rest of the Vietnamese population during a recent trip to the region — possibly something to do with his grand stature. However, the term blossomed into more — the duo’s instant fascination and appreciation for the Asian culture and Buddhist beliefs (as well as the people who have embraced this way of life) was something they wanted to bring back to the States.

In addition, they aim to bridge the gap between the relatively untouched, beautiful countries of Asia and the hungry masses of travelers AND entrepreneurs at home — to partner with and change the socioeconomic landscape of this global region.

American Buddha Co. launched in Spring 2017, a brand focused on making “happiness a habit.” In the turbulent and ever-changing world we live in today, there's not enough regular reminders to simply be happy -- just as Buddha taught several millennia ago.

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All photos on this site were taken by Ashlee Newcomb or Adrian Brady-Cesana as they travel the world together on their latest adventure through Asia.