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ContentAmerican Buddha Co.

American Buddha Co. officially launched in Spring 2017. As the brand grows and expands, it is important that we continue to find additional opportunities to unite the Eastern and Western worlds. 

This goal has inspired us to embark on a journey — throughout the upcoming weeks, we are returning to Asia! We will explore new countries, visit world–renowned Buddhist temples, absorb the diversities of each unique culture and meet its remarkable people.

Not only will this be a cultural adventure, but we also hope to learn more about the socioeconomic and entrepreneurial nature of each country. As we discover new trades, artisans and specialized businesses, we aim to be the avenue to connect the lesser known Asian entrepreneurs to the Western world. 

Each of our blogposts will be focused on the cities we visit and the people we encounter — some cities might have one post, others might have multiple. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to share this experience and our learnings along the way.